First Update To The 2016 Season

December 14, 2015 mattbaldwin No comments

So for me, 2015 has been a funny year as I only played the first 10 events up to the PGA at Wentworth in May. Struggling with illness up to then I decided it was best for my health and my golf I take a break from the game and get sorted. And that’s what I’ve done. My summer was very testing at times having had 2 operations but it was the best thing I’ve ever done as I feel fitter and healthier than ever before. The break also seemed to give me a new lease of life and love for the game and I cannot wait to get started properly in the new year.

Having not done much practice and only played 2 competitive rounds since March I thought it would be best to play the first two events of the new season in South Africa and Australia to test my game and get me back into the feeling of traveling. As rusty as I was, the game didn’t feel far away at all and my scores didn’t do justice of how I really played so there were lots of positives to take into the new year and really believe my best years are just around the corner.

I have plenty of funny emotions at the moment, as expected for someone who’s had a long break from the game. A clean slate and lots of mental gains but at the same time you question whether it will come back and that’s really what SA and Oz were all about. They showed me in patches that I have a lot to look forward to come January and I cannot wait for it.

I feel lucky to be going back fully fit and doing something I love so bring it on.

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